"One of the fundamental goals of human existence is to create and accumulate wealth for our families, children, our country and us."

About Our Company


  • Investment and retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Drawing up of wills and administration of deceased estates
  • Setting up and registration of trusts and administration thereof
  • Medical Aid


  • Tax Planning
  • Completion and submission of tax returns, IT12/IT14
  • Attending to tax queries
  • Complying with legislative requirements i.e. VAT, PAYE, UIF, personal, company and CC taxes, etc.

and Secretarial

  • Setting up accounts systems, record-keeping and processing
  • Preparation of cash flows and budgets
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Registration of companies

" Wealth creation, accumulation, and preservation must be maintained after providing for taxation, and thus tax planning and the provision of sustainable wealth creation. "


Name: Anesh Lalla
Position: Founder

Qualified as Chartered Accountant since 1981, providing personal financial and tax advise to clients. Qualified as Certified Financial Planner in 1985 and as an Estate Agent in 1993 and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in taxation in 1996.
Founded A-ladd Investors on 10 March 1987 and as of 2012 has retired as CEO

Name: Rajesh Manidutt
Position: Financial Planner

Early in his career started up and managed his own business. Later became an advisor for Liberty Life and Old Mutual in their agency divisions. As of 2012 joined Aladd Investors as CEO of Financial Planning.

Name: Adarsh Gangaram
Position: Accounting and Taxation Manager

Optained a degree in BSc Accounting from University of KwaZulu-Natal. Qualified tax practitioner (reg no. PR3 CD7179). Previously worked for A-Lalla Chartered Accounts.